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About us

We have reached an age where we must bridge the gap between science and politics. Doing so is crucial if we are to tackle global challenges pertaining to health, economic growth, and other such borderless threats which lie at the intersection of science and international relations.

InsSciDE – Inventing a shared Science Diplomacy for Europe – is a first-ever interdisciplinary consortium and stakeholder engagement structure focusing on Europeans and on European science diplomacy. Funded under the Horizon 2020 framework, it will engage historians of science and technology, networks of diplomats and scientists, experts of strategy and policy makers to bring science diplomacy into the foreground and better use it.

To gain a further understanding of the InsSciDE project, the factors that lead to its creation and its current conditions, please click on the Context subsection.

To learn about InsSciDE’s primary five objectives, please click on the Objectives subsection.

If you are interested in learning about the Impact InsSciDE hopes to have, please click on the Impact subsection.

The InsSciDE project consists of 9 work packages (WP). Click on the Work Packages subsection to learn more about each WP and its focus.