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WP1. Engagement and Interface

There is growing practitioner and civil society interest in shaping knowledge and decisions at the science-society-policy interface, requiring design of participatory formats that can deal with border issues (cf. e.g., Wesselink & Hoppe, 2011; Lavelle et al., 2010; Pardoe & Mays, 2012; Gaudreau & Saner, 2014). Publicly funded projects should rise to the challenge of co-research. Yet, traditional project events – including those focused on science diplomacy – are often limited to top-down dissemination formats, dominated by podium or panel speeches.

WP1 aims to create highly interactive, potentially transformative learning events where one-way lectures are kept to a strict minimum. Instead, InsSciDE open events challenge the diverse stakeholders, each positioned in their particular field and with their particular capital of valued resources, to co-analyze the many diverse frames influencing the practice of science diplomacy (cf. Bourdieu and Wacquant, 1992). Thematic and empirical study materials, field visits, role-playing exercises, and cross-cutting discussion aim to foster self-reflexivity, maximize mutual learning, jointly agree substantive outputs (recommendations, best practices...) and secure high satisfaction among the community participants.

The different project communities - diplomats, scientists, and the project study personnel - place their different languages and experience in common. Through the WP1 open events, InsSciDE fosters an effective science-diplomacy network, national and international, serviceable in times of crisis.

Join our practitioner community and participate in InsSciDE’s open events, where you can shape our outputs. Visit the Get Involved section of our website.