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WP9. Communication, Impact, and Project Legacy

InsSciDE can help a huge array of stakeholders across the globe advance their understanding and leverage the potential of science diplomacy, through access to strategy, operational knowledge, and support materials elaborated in and for Europe. InsSciDE Communications, Impact and Project Legacy seeks to create both present interest and lasting project legacy with visibility among major end users.

As work package leader, UNESCO’s Science Policy and Capacity-Building Division brings project learning to UNESCO-sponsored or related meetings in Europe and its partner regions of the world. It adds direct experience and actual channels of multi-level diplomacy, and contributes to the development of policy briefs. WP9 includes presentations and side events at European scientific meetings engaging various project study personnel. InsSciDE will also be present at significant UNESCO official gatherings including the very high-level General Conference, as well as the first UNESCO Science Diplomacy Forum (planned in 2018 by the UNESCO Natural Sciences Sector).

Several project outputs will contribute to the legacy. Training materials developed in the Engagement and Interface work package (WP1) will be reviewed by UNESCO divisions on international standards and disseminated to different regions of the world including developing countries. The materials will be released digitally as PPTs and PDFs with a short handbook for trainers and academia.

InsSciDE case studies, best practices and recommendations emerging from the participative cycle in WP1 will be published in short form and plain language. The Library of Cases will be accessible online, and distributed to the participating Academies and each national Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Europe.

As for peer-reviewed scientific journals, each InsSciDE case study author will submit at least one full-length manuscript before the end of the project.

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