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InsSciDE devises a process through which new knowledge on past and present science diplomacy in Europe fuels the elaboration of tools for practitioners, the EU and Member States.

It’s objectives are to:

  1. Reveal and connect multiple European experiences, showing how and why science and diplomacy have been combined and coordinated (or not) by Europe and by Member States when addressing global challenges.
  2. Map this knowledge into theoretical and strategic frameworks.
  3. Generate guidance for policy reflection and action choices at both EU and Member State levels: strategy, best practices for science diplomats, awareness and training activities for stakeholders.
  4. Foster dialogue, competence-building, self-reflexivity, networks, and inter-professional linkages among practitioners and other stakeholders.
  5. Disseminate the learning to a wide audience and sustain its continuing use.

These high ambitions are made attainable by a project consortium of 14 respected research and training institutes from 11 countries spanning Europe, plus the international UNESCO; by explicit interest and support from European Academies of Science and from existing networks of diplomatic Attachés and Counselors for science, technology and innovation; and by the commitment of a high-level, diverse international Advisory Board including a Swiss, a US and a Russian member.