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Health Pitches

InsSciDE’s Health work package offers a new understanding of health diplomacy in Europe and its historical and contemporary practices and institutional manifestations.

The pitches below articulate the subject-matter, background, aims and methodologies of each Health case study.

Health - all pitches:

InsSciDE Health Pitches

Health - individual pitches:

InsSciDE Pitch 5.1 - Health

Pitch 5.1 - Designing a European Health Diplomacy: A Comprehensive Approach

This pitch outlines how case study 5.1 will generate a comprehensive historical account of international cooperation in and beyond European health diplomacy, in the field of epidemics and crises management during the first stage of the contemporary globalization from the mid 19th to the 1920s

InsSciDE Pitch 5.2 - Health

Pitch 5.2 - Biodiversity and natural resources as Global Public Goods for Global Health: how do European actors negotiate, succeed or fail?

This pitch outlines how case study 5.2 will examine the notion of collective ownership in the area of biodiversity and its consequences for science diplomacy.

InsSciDE Pitch 5.3 - Health

Pitch 5.3 - EU Health policy at different levels: Infectious Diseases, Blood Safety, and Science Diplomacy

This pitch outlines how case study 5.3 will look at the role of European health diplomacy in promoting blood safety both in the European area and in response to global challenges.

InsSciDE Pitch 5.4 - Health

Pitch 5.4 - Europeanizing Vaccination Policy: Towards a better understanding of “Health Data Diplomacy” in Europe

This pitch outlines how case study 5.4 seeks to shed light on how data production and exchange on vaccination rates are organized and orchestrated, but also resisted in other places