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Heritage Pitches

InsSciDE’s Heritage work package will, among other things, iIlluminate the legacy of shared responsibility between European and Near Eastern scientific and political actors which underlies the practice of Near Eastern archaeology, viewed prospectively as a tool to achieve a common future rooted in a shared memory. Read more here.

The pitches below articulate the subject-matter, background, aims and methodologies of each Heritage case study.

Heritage - all pitches:

InsSciDE Heritage Pitches

Heritage - individual pitches:

InsSciDE Pitch 4.1 - Heritage

Pitch 4.1 - A legacy of shared responsibility

This pitch outlines how case study 4.1 will investigate the attitudes and practices of archaeologists seen in three historic and contemporary cases, focusing on how they have addressed the need for responsibility for heritage conservation shared across political and cultural borders.

InsSciDE Pitch 4.2 - Heritage

Pitch 4.2 - War archaeology and damage assessment

This pitch outlines how case study 4.2 will analyse three field actions, under the umbrella of ongoing archaeological undertakings in conflict zones, as actual science diplomacy processes.