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InsSciDE’s Health Objectives, under Katharina Paul (UNIVIE)

The globalized nature of pathogens and epidemics, awareness of associated risks, and the humanitarian orientation of contemporary health policy discourse at the EU and global level make for an interdisciplinary research agenda. Whereas this agenda has been dominated by economists and epidemiologists, InsSciDE WP5 - Health brings together historical, sociological, and political-scientific approaches in a study of ’health diplomacy’. In doing so, this study serves to bring together two thus far disparate areas of study: health policy and diplomacy.

Based on detailed historical and contemporary case studies, WP5 - Health offers a new understanding of health diplomacy in Europe and its historical and contemporary practices and institutional manifestations.

WP4 objectives are to:
• Produce and disseminate scientific knowledge on European Health Diplomacy (EHD), its multifaceted historical and contemporary practices, and its institutional manifestations.
• Develop scenarios of a joint, but context-sensitive EHD strategy by building on a historically and theoretically informed understanding of science diplomacy in the EU.
• Identify different understandings of the social, cultural, and political value of health diplomacy in times of newly emerging pandemics and globalized pathogens.

WP5 - Health will critically engage with the historically and culturally contingent notion of health diplomacy as a foreign policy objective. The case studies will identify past failures and successes of European health diplomacy, enabling discussion in engagement events about possible future pathways to be pursued. Empirical case studies inform the One Health Agenda as well as the broader global health agenda.