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InsSciDE Power with Science Diplomacy Objectives under Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen (UiT)

InsSciDE’s WP2 - Power With Science Diplomacy engages expertise in international relations and political science, as well as history, and philosophy and sociology of science, to provide theoretically-grounded analytical tools for understanding European Science Diplomacy.

WP2 objectives are to:

• Formulate a historically-informed European Science Diplomacy Theoretical Framework (ESD-THEORY) placing science diplomacy within international relations/political science theories on power.
• Using this theoretical framework, provide a transversal layer of structure to the historical studies conducted by WP3-8.
• Propose a European Science Diplomacy Strategy (ESD-STRATEGY) grounded in ESD-THEORY and in the findings of WP3-8.
• Support debate, co-elaboration of the case studies, and generation of strategic recommendations agreed by practitioners and stakeholders in WP1.

The "Power With" European Science Diplomacy theoretical framework enables a degree of common structure and a new depth of elaboration for the historical case studies emerging from the other WPs.

WP2 also explicitly seeks out understanding of strategic dimensions, cross-referencing findings with the European Global Strategy, to contribute a strategy framework that can help leverage historical knowledge for European science diplomacy to better address global challenges.