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Call for Papers: Diplomats in Science Diplomacy - Promoting Scientific and Technological Collaboration in International Relations

The DHST Commission on Science, Technology and Diplomacy has released a Call For Papers for a workshop on the history of science diplomacy. InsSciDE Expert and Case Study Author, Matthew Adamson, serves as Secretary on the Commission.

The workshop will be held at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen on 19-20 July and participation in the meeting is free.

‘In recent years the notion of science diplomacy has attracted scholars from a variety of disciplines. Yet there is still much to explore in regards to its history and in particular about how science and technology have increasingly become important devices in the administration of foreign affairs. What we lack of, in particular, is an examination of the role of those diplomats who, in embassies and consulates, began to use science diplomacy more frequently in the routine ambassadorial practice of mediating and negotiating between administrations. Who were they? Why did they consider science and technology as a viable device in these negotiations? What networks did they exploit to further their efforts?

We invite contributions from scholars interested in science, technology and diplomacy, and wishing to address these questions.’

Interested in contributing? Submit titles, abstracts (250 words max) and a short CV (100 words max) to the Commission’s Secretary, Matthew Adamson (mhadamson@mcdaniel.hu) by 21st March 2019. Five speakers whose papers have been accepted will receive a travel bursary of $300 (USD).

Click here to find out more about the Call!