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InsSciDE Expert Prof. Ruffini Participates in Session on “Diplomatie Académique Francophone”

InsSciDE Expert in WP3, Science Diplomats, Pierre-Bruno Ruffini and Pauline Ravinet, of InsSciDE’s sister project S4D4C, shared their experiences in science diplomacy research at a workshop on francophone academic diplomacy in Belgium.

At the beginning of April, L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie organised a workshop near Namur, Belgium, to explore the concept of “diplomatie académique francophone”.

InsSciDE Expert, Pierre-Bruno Ruffini, University of Le Havre, participated alongside Pauline Ravinet, University of Lille, and partner of InsSciDE’s ’sister’ project S4D4C, to discuss how this form of diplomacy can be developed and promoted.

The workshop consisted of diplomats and leaders of several international university networks that gathered to discuss the progression of diplomacy in French academia, with the intention to reconvene after the summer to propose new lines of action for this purpose.

With nine hundred affiliate universities on five continents, united by the French language, L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie serves as one of the most important academic networks in the world.

Pierre-Bruno Ruffini with Pauline Rivet in Namur, Belgium.

Pierre-Bruno Ruffini with Pauline Ravinet