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Case Study Pitches: Read Now!

InsSciDE’s case case study authors have developed short pitches to articulate the subject-matter, background, aims and methodologies of each InsSciDE case study.

Follow the link to read and download now: Case Study Pitches

Over the course of four years, the InsSciDE project develops a library of case studies on its five thematic areas of research (Heritage, Health, Security, Environment and Space) as well as on its transversal research strand ’Science Diplomats’. The case studies draw on extensive field and desk research and on interviews and archives, and are carried out in direct contact with practitioners.

The InsSciDE case study authors developed short summary pieces to ’pitch’ their cases, which are designed to be readable by all audiences. They describe the actors and key players related to the cases, the fields and disciplines involved, and point readers towards related bibliographies.

Navigate our website to download the pitches, and explore the InsSciDE case study authors’ profile pages.