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InsSciDE Publications in the Science Diplomacy Review

The latest volume of the Science Diplomacy Review includes an article co-written by InsSciDE and colleagues formerly in the S4D4C project analyzing the lessons learned from our respective science diplomacy training programs.

In the context of Covid-19 highlighting the need for better capacities in science diplomacy, the authors examine the common successful aspects between InsSciDE’s first edition of Warsaw Science Diplomacy School and S4D4C’s European Science Diplomacy Online Course as well as other programs undertaken earlier in the S4D4C project.

Both projects experienced highly effective elements to be using case studies in teaching, gathering geographically and disciplinarily diverse cohorts and offering plenty of ’out-of classroom’ experiences in which students could bond and socialize. They also discussed the need for trainings and science diplomacy perspectives from beyond the West, an issue to which SDR as an Indian publication is contributing to the solution.

Due to the environmental harm of travelling and the world’s sanitary uncertainty, examining the outcomes of the online programs are an important contribution to enhancing the future of effective yet sustainable trainings and meetings.

Fittingly, two alumni of WSDS20 (Sneha Sinha and Zane Šime) also contributed to the SDR publication. It also included an article on the history of nuclear diplomacy and its present-day relevance by InsSciDE’s leader of the Security work package Maria Rentetzi.

Find these article and more in the full publication.

The Science Diplomacy Review is published by the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS).

3 July 2021
D. Palmberg

Science Diplomacy Review
Published by: the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)