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Archaeological research at Khorsabad

InsSciDE researcher in the Heritage work package Prof Pascal Butterlin will host a lecture at the Institut de France on 11 February.

The work package is grounded in the idea that archaeology in the Near East constitutes an underrecognized and unique form of science diplomacy, which the WP members illuminate by critical historical analysis of three embedded European missions in the Near East from the 1920’s onward. Read more

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Lecture abstract:
Khorsabad is an emblematic site in the history of archaeological research in the Near East. Archaeological research on the site, interrupted since the end of the 1950s, has resumed due to an ongoing movement to rehabilitate the great Assyrian capitals following the destruction perpetrated by Daesh in Mosul and surrounding region. Several survey campaigns on the site make it possible to draw up an inventory and evaluate the archaeological potential of the site, both in terms of the city, which remains to be explored, and the citadel, and above all the environment of a capital city conceived in the context of the grand Assyrian "imperial mission".