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InsSciDErs discuss global health diplomacy

Together with the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, InsSciDE’s Work Package 5 - Health co-hosted a seminar on “Health in International Relations: configurations of knowledge, power and policy” which took place on September 25-26 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

The workshop started with a keynote by Professor Stefan Elbe (University of Sussex, Centre for Global Health Policy) on Global Health Security. In his talk, Stefan Elbe traced the establishment of the field of Global Health Security in the past 20 years. He drew attention to the importance of information in global health and how that has given way to a new form of diplomacy: bioinformational diplomacy, which requires and rests upon diverse practices of data and information sharing.

This fascinating account of global health security provided the ground for the subsequent workshop on health and international relations. Workshop participants from different institutions presented ongoing social science work on a range of health issues: infectious diseases, security concerns in biobanking, the concept of OneHealth and its role in transdisciplinary research, anti-microbial resistance, and vaccination. In this context, Anna Pichelstorfer and Katharina Paul from the Health work package presented their ongoing work on the WHO practices of immunization data collection. They highlighted the importance of data in global health diplomacy, and provided a detailed analysis of data collection as everyday diplomatic practices.

Together, the workshop contributions shed light on the intricate relationships of data, knowledge, and power in global health.

Published 8 October 2019