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MCAA invites InsSciDE to career webinar

As part of their career development series, Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) dedicated their webinar on 5 June 2020 to science diplomacy. InsSciDE’s Claire Mays shared her experience of Responsible Research and Innovation alongside S4D4C’s Elke Dall and Marta Agostinho of EU-LIFE Alliance.

A detailed review of the event was prepared by S4D4C.

Elke shared insights from S4D4C and presented the resources available to present and future science diplomats. Claire delivered a perspective on conducting research while taking into account effects and potential impacts on the environment and society, an idea also known as Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). She gave guidance on how to generate impact from scientific research, drawing on her own experience of research-to-policy translation. She suggested scientific societies as one way to progress both scientific networks and contact with policy-makers, but also urged the audience to think outside the box to find the right channels for their specialty. Marta outlined the processes by which EU-LIFE, an alliance of European life science based research institutes, advocates for science policies that benefit scientists.

The session was moderated by MCAA’s Ludivine Breger who was also a participant in InsSciDE’s Warsaw Science Diplomacy School.

MCAA Science Diplomacy Webinar

Organised by the MCAA France Chapter with the support of the Institut Curie
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InsSciDE represented by: Claire Mays | InsSciDE Executive Director