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From space competition to democratic transition

Online event (Italian)

Dalla competizione spaziale alla transizione democratica

Webinar (Italian)

9:30-11 CEST | Tuesday 20 April 2021

Join: https://tinyurl.com/y6cfuac3 (No registration required.)

The seminar Dalla competizione spaziale alla transizione democratica (From space competition to the democratic transition: The Soviet Union and scientific diplomacy) will be presented in three university courses of contemporary history at the University of Milan: ’Europe between East and West, Eastern European history’ (prof. Giulia Lami) and ’Contemporary history’ (prof. Mauro Elli).

David Burigana (leader of InsSciDE Space (WP8)) and Olga Dubrovina (researcher of InsSciDE Space (WP8)) will talk about different aspects concerning the collaboration and competition between the main international players involved in space activities: the EU, the USSR (Russia) and the USA. Burigana will make a particular mention of the cooperation of several international research units that worked together starting in 1981, when the Interagency Consultative Group (IACG) was created to facilitate the cooperation and coordination of the Venus Halley (VEGA) Mission and subsequent data analysis. Dubrovina will demonstrate the impact of internal transitory processes and the international situation on the development of the Russian space program in the critical period of the 1990s. In particular, she will discuss the influence of collaboration in space on Russian-American relations, starting from the last years of the Soviet political reform movement Perestroika through the first steps of constructing the International Space Station in 1998.