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SciDip Trivia Night for World Science Day!

UNESCO has announced that the 2020 theme of World Science Day for Peace and Development next week is Science for and with Society.

InsSciDE therefore invites every participant of society, whether out of a newfound curiosity or as a contender for the trivia throne, to come test their knowledge in the crosscutting field of science diplomacy during our SciDip Trivia Night on 12 November at 18-19h CET!

Scroll to the bottom to register.

Get your SciDip buddies together or recruit new ones to build a Trivia Team and get ready to venture into the depths of the history, present and disputed territories of science diplomacy in an evening of competition, teamwork and fun. Hint for assembling your team, as always, strength lies in diversity!

See our event on Facebook to RSVP and find teammates

Under the vast umbrella of science diplomacy, the trivia night will traverse themes explored in InsSciDE’s research – heritage, health, security, environment, space – with questions related to recent and historical events and science diplomacy concepts and famous projects.

Are you in?

  • Register below (or click here to open the registration page separately).
  • Team up - recruit your friends, find teammates through our Facebook event page, or be paired at random!
  • Read up - to level the playing field for science diplomacy novices and experts alike, we provide the below resources to help you prepare for a stimulating, competitive and fun event!

Key words
Arctic | Cold War | SESAME | EU Science Diplomacy Cluster | Madrid Declaration | UNESCO world heritage | PRIMA | Innovation | INGSA | EC Group of Chief Science Advisors | Global Accords | Antarctic | Colonialization | CERN | Nobel Prize | European Commission | Warsaw Science Diplomacy School (WSDS) | Power | Culture

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InsSciDE SciDip Trivia Night

Date: Thursday 12 November 2020
Time: 18-19h CET
Access: Register on the bottom of this page to receive your Zoom link to join

Get into it! RSVP on Facebook and join us on Twitter through @insscide_eu and with the hashtags #ScienceDay and #SciDipTrivia.