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First Open Conference

The InsSciDE project held its 2019 Open Conference, the first of three major cross-sectoral science diplomacy events, in Krakow, Poland, 18-20 January.

The conference brought together international experts and researchers in science diplomacy, 250 diplomats-in-training from over 50 countries, and other science diplomacy practitioners, in a three day dynamic event exploring key contemporary and historical science diplomacy topics and cases.

Click below to read in more detail about the sessions and results from the conference.

Days 1 & 2 included plenary and break-out discussions on EU migration challenges, with expert participation from UNESCO, eu-LISA, UNHCR, and several other key institutions.

Day 3 at the conference saw interactive Discovery Round Tables and "Fishbowls", led by InsSciDE experts, on global challenges and responses from science diplomacy. Diplomats-in-training summarised lessons learned, best practices, and strategies and recommendations constructed in the sessions. Click on ’Day 3’ to download the summaries!

Pictures & Videos were taken throughout the Krakow First Open Conference. Short video interviews were conducted with a variety of science diplomacy experts, including with InsSciDE’s Coordinator and case study authors, and with experts from several key European institutions. Click to view!