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Other Interesting Reads: Papers beyond InsSciDE

Here you find publications by InsSciDE members, project partners and other leading figures of the science diplomacy community, published beyond the realms of InsSciDE.


  • Science Diplomacy Review OA
    April 2021 | View all contributions here, inter alia:
    • From Securing the State to Safeguarding the Atom: The Relevance of History to Nuclear Diplomacy
      Maria Rentetzi
    • The Speedy Transmission of Corona Infections – Rebooting Science Diplomacy
      Trithesh Nandan
    • A New Generation of Trainings on Science Diplomacy for Global Challenges: Insights from two European Projects
      Nadia Meyer, Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen, Natalia Czajkowska, Elke Dall, Ana Elorza, Maria Josten, Pascal Griset, Izaskun Lacunza, Lorenzo Melchor, Andreas P. Müller, Daniella Palmberg, Claire Mays


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