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French National Center for Scientific Research

Philosopher and sociologist, Dr Morin is a leading contemporary thinker, best known for his works on complex thinking for a complex world. He has widely contributed to diverse fields of Knowledge such as media studies, sociology, anthropology, ecology, education, and politics. He has received honorary doctorates from 32 universities all around the world and more than 40 books translated into several languages. In 2016 he was named Grand Officer of the French Legion of Honor.

Former Director of the Center for Transdisciplinary Studies (Sociology, Anthropology, Politics) of the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS,1973-1989), he chaired the European Agency for Culture at UNESCO and chairs the Association for the Complex Thinking.

His masterpiece, The Method, appeared in six volumes between 1977 and 1991. Knowledge, Ignorance, Mystery (March 2017) and On Aesthetics (November 2016) count among his latest publications.