Anne de FLORIS

Sorbonne Université: Consortium #1, Case Study Author in WP8

Anne de Floris is a PhD Student in Modern History (Sorbonne Université), alumna of École Normale Supérieure, and holder of an Agrégation high degree in History. Her PhD thesis is on the subject: Automated Systems and Human Operators in Space Flight, the European Trajectory (1903- 2016). In her work, she investigates the role and impact of human spaceflight within the strengthening of Europe as a relevant and autonomous space power. De Floris will carry out interviews and participate in writing the WP8 case study: A History of Science Diplomacy through the Council of the European Space Agency and the Space Council: Strengthening Scientific Cooperation while ensuring Europe strategic integration at Regional and Global Scales.

Case Study Pitch

De Floris is author of InsSciDE case study n°8.3, Strengthening Scientific Cooperation and Visibility of Europe Labs: The European Space Agency Council, the Space Council and Microgravity Labs. Read the pitch for this case study here.

This pitch outlines how case study 8.3 examines the roles and practices of transdisciplinary experts as key actors in broad scientific and industrial integration and the construction of international scientific communities. Key quote: ’The historical analysis of space diplomacy in Europe, by underlining the evolution and expression of decision-making processes through various times and contexts, will provide useful insights for inventing a shared science diplomacy for Europe that could embrace in the most efficient way the divergent interaction of cooperation and competition in space affairs.’