University of Padova: Consortium #9, Expert in WP8

Carla Mucignat is Associate Professor of Physiology at the Medical School, University of Padova, Italy. Trained as a neuroscientist interested in chemical communication, her research interests span from neurobiology of chemical communication to the creation of biomimetic artificial chemical sensors. In line with this, she has been involved in two European Projects under FP6 and FP7, aimed at applying new concepts discovered in biological processes related to chemical senses to the creation of innovative, ultra-sensitive and durable chemical sensors specifically tuned to classes of molecules (e.g. spoil odors, illicit drugs, or explosives). Another relevant scientific topic is the intracellular communication system mediated by cyclic adenosine monophosphate and its dynamic regulation in development, aging and diseases of the brain. She has authored 82 papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals, is active reviewer for more than 50 scientific journals and member of the editorial board for 5 of them. She is also a reviewer for various funding agencies (in Italy, Austria, Israel, South Africa, Czechia, COST and HORIZON2020).

Carla Mucignat is involved in teaching Physiology at various classes (including Dentistry students and medical residents). Since 2016, she has been member of the Steering Committee of the University Center for Space Studies and Activity “Giuseppe Colombo” at the University of Padova.