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Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA): Consortium #6, Case Study Author in WP3

Daniel Gamito-Marques holds a Master of Science in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology from University of Lisbon and a PhD in History of Science from University NOVA of Lisbon. His PhD research concerned the political and scientific action of several zoology and botany professors of the Lisbon Polytechnic School (1837–1911), such as the internationally renowned zoologist José Vicente Barbosa du Bocage (1823–1907), and he has also conducted post-doctoral research on science communication and education.

Case Study

Daniel is author of InsSciDE case study Barbosa du Bocage: a scientist with diplomatic responsibilities during the Scramble for Africa (1883–1886). Read the pitch for this case study here

As a post-doctoral researcher in InsSciDE’s work package 3 on Science Diplomats, Daniel studies the diplomatic roles played by 19th-century Portuguese men of science, such as José Vicente Barbosa du Bocage (1823–1907) and João de Andrade Corvo (1824–1890), in the events leading to and arising from the Berlin Conference of 1884–1885, a key moment during the “Scramble for Africa”. In addition, he contributes to the work package’s research on the role played by European academies of science for the establishment and maintenance of international relations in Europe (18th to 20th centuries).

Daniel was an instructor in InsSciDE’s Warsaw Science Diplomacy School in June 2020. Click here to hear from his student team on the broader lessons extracted from discussions around his case study. Check out our WSDS Chronicles to learn more about the 2020 training and Daniel’s presentation.