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Sorbonne Nouvelle Université: Expert in WP7

David Dumoulin Kervran is a sociologist at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, IHEAL-CREDA (UMR 2772).

He has been involved for the past decade in various collective investigations analyzing the global construction, diffusion and legitimation of scientific knowledge for biodiversity conservation, through multi-sited ethnography (from local studies in Latin America and beyond, through observation of international congresses and UN Conferences like Rio+20 and COP21). He places specific focus on the dialogue between scientists and indigenous peoples at both the local level and in global arenas.

David has published extensively on NGOs, scale-crossing brokers and transnational networks and on norm circulation in multiculturalism, biodiversity conservation and patrimonial tourism. He was visiting professor at UC Berkeley in Spring 2013. He will act as an expert in WP7.