Muriel LE ROUX

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS): Consortium #1, Case Study Author in WP5

Muriel Le Roux is a Research Fellow at the CNRS, IHMC. She heads the Committee for the History of La Poste. Her research interests include the history of biomedicine from a geopolitcal perspective. She performs a case study in WP5.

Case Study Pitch

Dr. Le Roux is author of InsSciDE case study n°5.2, Biodiversity and natural resources as Global Public Goods for Global Health: how do European actors negotiate, succeed or fail?. Read her pitch for this case study here.

This pitch outlines how case study 5.2 will examine the notion of collective ownership in the area of biodiversity and its consequences for science diplomacy. Key quote: ’To understand the current EU position on the collective nature of biodiversity resources, which has become central to diplomacy at today’s critical juncture, we will ask how diplomats have acquired and drawn on shared knowledge about these resources.’