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European Academy of Diplomacy

Warsaw, Poland

The European Academy of Diplomacy (EAD) operates InsSciDE WP1- Engagement and Interface, led by Katarzyna Pisarska. EAD is the first non-governmental, non-for-profit diplomatic academy in Europe, with a mission of shaping, sharpening and inspiring a new generation of enlightened international leaders.

Within InsSciDE, they manage and facilitate events aimed to foster fruitful knowledge-based interactions among the project communities, including diplomats, scientists, teachers, researchers, and other science diplomacy practitioners and stakeholders. Additional objectives of our EAD partner are to conduct early-career training events (such as Future Leaders Forum summer school training, coming summer 2020), to test and refine InsSciDE teaching materials, and to organize structured discussions of thematic and transversal outputs from InsSciDE research to draw out strategic and policy lessons learned for science diplomacy.

EAD planned InsSciDE’s First Open Conference in Krakow, Poland, in January 2019. This interdisciplinary and dynamic event coincided with EAD’s traditional Academy of Young Diplomats, and explored key contemporary and historical science diplomacy topics and cases under the conference theme of ’Migration’.

Read summaries and testimonials from the event on the conference’s results page.