The University of Manchester: Consortium #15

Simone Turchetti graduated in Philosophy from the University of Rome «La Sapienza», 1997; he has a MSc, History of Science, Technology and Medicine, from the UoM, 2000; a PhD, from UoM, 2003; his thesis’ title is: Use, Refuse or Lock Them Up? A history of Italian Academic Refugees in Britain, 1930-1950.

Turchetti is interested in the recent evolutions in science and technology, especially in connection with the emergence of ‘big science’ and the development of international relations. He is pursuing an interdisciplinary research programme which aims to provide a novel picture of the relations existing between the scientific community, international diplomacy and the intelligence agencies, especially during the post-WW2 period and the Cold War years.

He also looks for ways to take these historical reflections into the present examining for instance the legacy of debates and policies on climate and environmental change, and atomic energy. He will perform a case study on the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization, and supervise the work performed by S. Robinson.