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Claire MAYS

Institut Symlog: Consortium #3, Executive Director for the Coordination

InsSciDE research will trigger discussion, debate and learning. Claire Mays accompanies the process from supporting the researchers, to engaging practitioners, to ensuring that the final written Library of Case Studies is something all are proud of.

Claire Mays, AB Harvard, DESS U. Paris-VII, Program manager, is a social psychologist specializing in stakeholder engagement, risk governance and communication across disciplinary borders. Claire is a respected designer and facilitator of stakeholder engagement programs, including design, outreach, mediation, co-evaluation and impact assessment in a large range of European member states and abroad. She is a writer and development editor of many stakeholder-agreed best practice guides, as well as popular science articles, policy briefs, and electronic media to convey specialist content to broad audiences.
Elected leader of EU NanoSafety Cluster Stakeholder Communications Working Group (2015-2017). Detached as social sciences support to OECD NEA RWMC ’Forum on Stakeholder Confidence’ (2000-14). Expert to the US National Academy of Sciences (1999-2000). Co-Editor in Chief of international bilingual peer-reviewed journal Review of Applied Psychology (1988-98). Work package leader or researcher in 23 EC-sponsored contracts.


- Espluga, J., Konrad, W., Mays, C. et alia (2016) How to address citizens’ practices and policies on sustainability? A consultative tool for brokering policy-related knowledge between the worlds of policymaking and everyday citizens’ life. Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, 12(3), 381-404, http://dx.doi.org/10.1332/174426416X14700777371551
- OECD-NEA (2015) Stakeholder Involvement in Decision Making: A Short Guide to Issues, Approaches and Resources. NEA 7189. Paris: OECD, http://oe.cd/1e8
Pardoe, S. and Mays, C. (2012) Disseminating science and technology research: A practical e-guide for researchers, http://www.researchdissemination.eu/guide/

For InsSciDE, alongside Symlog’s work as partner in WP1 (Engagement and Interface), Claire acts as Executive Director within the project Coordination team. She is therefore available throughout the week to both project partners and InsScIDE’s stakeholder practitioners, welcoming your ideas and interest.