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CNRS, Deputy Coordinator for Science / Scientific Advisor

Léonard Laborie believes that historical narratives reopen the future: "History allows us to reflect on unrealized futures (what might have happened, but did not?) and to consider alternative futures (what could have been, or might still be done to realize a different historical outcome?). Inventing a shared Science Diplomacy for Europe may be a question of imagination."

Léonard Laborie is a Research Fellow at the CNRS, UMR Sirice 8138. He received his PhD from Paris-Sorbonne University (2006) and was a Fulbright Visiting Fellow at George Washington University, School of Media and Public Affairs (2008).
A member of the management committee of the Tensions of Europe international academic network, his research deals with the interactions between science, technology and diplomacy in the making of Europe since the 1850s.

Laborie acts as the Deputy Coordinator for Science/Scientific Advisor for the InsSciDE Project. He will also provide background research essays and case studies for WP2 and WP3.