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CNRS (Sorbonne Université): Consortium #1, Project Coordinator

Pascal Griset views that Academies of Science or of Technology, Counselors and Attachés are the carriers of Europe’s intangible capital for science diplomacy. InsSciDE explores their historical and present-day experience, language, values and practices, and fosters a mutual acculturation.

Pascal Griset is Professor of Modern History at Sorbonne Université. Trained as a business historian, his research focuses on innovation, research policies and research organisations in France and Europe. Former Fulbright Visiting Fellow and auditor of the Institute for Industrial Strategy, he is currently President of the Scientific Committee for the history of INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la Recherche Médicale), Vice President of the Association for the History of Computing and Telecommunications, a member of the Committee for the economic and financial history of France, of the Scientific Committee for Historical Defense Research and the Scientific Council of the Committee for the History of La Poste.

The first chairman of CNRS National Committee’s Section 42 (Interdisciplinary research on communication), Pascal Griset was a founding member of the steering committee of the Tensions of Europe international academic network. As such, he participated in the ESF-Eurocores programme “Inventing Europe” (2008-2012) definition. He also was a member of the NIAS theme group “The Making of Europe”, which prepared a 6 volume European history of technology (1850-2000), J. Schot and P. Scranton eds; Palgrave, 2015-2017. He is the author of one of these volumes with Pr. Dr. Andreas Fickers (June 2018): Communicating Europe: Technologies, Information, Events (1850-2000) (London, Palgrave, 2018). He is also author of Une compagnie en son siècle - 350 ans de l’Académie des sciences (Paris, Le Cherche-Midi, 2015) with Florence Greffe.

Prof. Griset will act as Scientific Coordinator and perform case study research in WP3.