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KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Consortium #8, WP7 LEADER

Nina Wormbs is Professor of History of Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. She served as Head of Division 2010-16 and has had several positions, presently a member of the Faculty Council. Her research has focused on media history with special interest in infrastructural and political issues concerning broadcasting technologies and frequency allocations. Recent interests are Arctic assessments and remote sensing of the cryosphere. She has served on several commissions of the Swedish Ministry of Culture, most recently concerning digital radio switch over. She sits on the steering committees for the Swedish National Library and the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, on the board for Ridderstad foundation and on the jury for the Lars Salvius Society. A primary interest is taking part in the public discourse, either with own written material or through, for example, seminars or radio interviews.

Wormbs will act as WP Leader, organise a Local Network Presentation seminar, a Thematic Workshop and participate in the Project Management Board. Her case study is on Arctic monitoring and assessments as windows into science diplomacy.

Case Study Pitch

Prof. Wormbs is author of InsSciDE case study n°7.3, The networks of Arctic Monitoring and Assessments and the objectives of the Arctic Council. Read the pitch for this case study here.

This pitch outlines how case study n°7.3 focuses on formal scientific assessments of the Arctic environment which have become important features in both the public and the political understanding of the region. Key quote: ’The Arctic with its 4 million human inhabitants has become a central arena and not just a periphery. Climate change is a major reason for this development as its effects are seen with greater amplitudes in the region.’