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The University of Manchester: Consortium #15

Simone Turchetti (BSc, University of Rome «La Sapienza», 1997; MSc, University of Manchester, 2000; PhD, University of Manchester, 2003) is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Manchester (CHSTM) of the University of Manchester. He teaches and researches on the history of science and technology in the 20th century, looking in particular at science and science policy in the global landscape, the development of international collaborations, and how the collaborations inform international affairs.

He was the PI for the European Research Council project TEUS (2009-2014), exploring the evolution of the geosciences during the Cold War, and he is the chair of the DHST Commission on Science, Technology and Diplomacy. His works appear in monographs (Greening the Alliance; The Pontecorvo Affair), edited volumes (The Surveillance Imperative), and special journal issues (recently on Science Diplomacy).

In the context of InsSciDE, Turchetti explores the history of environmental and science diplomacy initiatives especially in the European context, through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union (and its predecessors).

Case Study Pitch

Simone is author of InsSciDE case study n°7.1, Origins of environmental monitoring in Europe: NATO and the Cold War legacy. Read the pitch for this case study here.

This pitch outlines how case study n°7.1 deals with the organization of original research and environmental monitoring activities under the aegis of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Key quote: ’Looking at NATO provides a unique opportunity to explore what Crawford, Shinn and Sörlin (1993) have referred to as a bureaucratic mode of international scientific collaboration, in which actors do not spontaneously elaborate and/or endorse specific schemes, but instead are appointed by government agencies and foreign office departments to represent a national viewpoint in the multilateral forum.’

Articles by Simone are available in the Papers beyond InsSciDE section of the Library.